From £35 to £50

• Excess dirt removal
• Snow foam and good rinse
• Safe hand wash
• Rinse & hand drY
• Liquid wax protects 2 to 4 weeks
• Alloys washed
• Carpets, seats & boot vacuumed
• Floor mats cleaned
• Interior & exterior windows cleaned
• Clean & dress dashboard
• Clean & dress door panels
• Door shuts cleaned
• Air freshen up
• Wheel Arches cleaned
• Tyres dressed

Duration: approx 2- hours


From £50 to £85

Same as Basic Valet but includes an exterior treatment for vehicles in need of some TLC.


Choose from an additional range of bodywork protection, including liquid wax, hybrid paste wax.


Treat your car to a touch of luxury with this exterior, high-end service.


Utilising Swissvax’s suite of handcrafted products, your car will receive a full wash, decontamination, clay-bar, hand polish & a choice of specialist wax, tailored towards gloss, water repellency or durability

Tar removal
Bodywork hand polished Swiss wax


From £85 to £140

For heavily-soiled & stained interiors, this service will not only clean fabrics but cleanse & sanitise them too, making your car a safe & healthy environment once more.


If your vehicle’s interior is looking tired & neglected this interior service is ideal. Incorporating a thorough valet of the carpets, dashboard, door cards and those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, it will leave your car feeling fresh and inviting once again.


• Carpets, seats & boot vacumed
• Floor mats cleaned & shampooed Interior and Exterior windows cleaned Clean and dress dashboard
• Clean and dress door cards
• Clean and dress interior trim
• Door shuts cleaned
• Air freshen up
• Kills bacteria
• Kills odours
• Removes stains


From £120 to £180

An entry-level detailing package designed to ‘lift’ a dull and neglected vehicle, with a basic exterior treatment.


An exterior protection service designed to give your car the best possible protection through the tough winter months.


The most thorough way to achieve the best possible finish to your pride & joy, combining a range of techniques such as wet-sanding & cutting. Correction work requires skill & experience & can remove the majority of paintwork defects, leaving a glass-like finish.



• Eliminate majority of swirls, random deep scratches & bodywork defects
• Enhance gloss
• Protect exterior components for many months/years to come


• Safe-wash and decontamination procedure
• Multiple stage machine polish
• Protected with premium wax or sealant


From £75

There is no denying that a stained or soiled convertible roof looks terrible. The stains can decrease the value of your car quite significantly, thus making selling it harder. For the sake of a small amount of money, you can get your soft top cleaned and protected.

We also offer Boat & Aircraft valeting services.

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